14.5″ Blue / Purple Liquid Lamp

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Amazing, mesmerizing, and just so cool; those are just some of the words you and your guests will use when describing this attention-grabbing blue & purple lava lamp.

One of the most beloved and recognizable icons from the 60s and 70s is back with more style, and with more color options, creating an even more hypnotic vibe that you’ll never tire of. And with new and better wax polymers, these lava lamps heat up fast and flow smoother than ever before.

Aesthetically these lava lamps stay true to original form, with a beautiful and symmetrical design featuring both a metal base and a matching metal cap. They are right at home in any living or working space that is missing that certain touch of fun and pizzazz, the kind that only the soft ambiance of a lava lamp can provide. Just plug it in and enjoy! Makes a fantastic gift for you or your loved ones.

Colors: Blue liquid, Purple Wax
Size: 14.5”

Please note: this glass contained within this item is very fragile and there is a risk of damage when shipping out during the cold winter months. We advise customers to consider a delay in placing an order for this item if they do not want to risk breakage in transit due to extreme cold. Mind Games is not responsible for breakage occurring in transit due to temperature.

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14.5" Blue / Purple Liquid Lamp