3DWP Magic Piano Mechanical Music Box

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Magic Piano 3D wooden puzzle is the latest product in the Mechanical Music Box series, designed on the basis of a hall-of-fame concert grand piano, with a self-playing interpretation and elegant self-playing keys, adding a touch of mystery to the classical flavor. The product features a vintage look and decoration, with the main body consisting of a classic grand piano and magical antique books. The magic books stacked under the body of the piano replace the original legs of the piano and play the role of support and fixation. The lid is made of transparent acrylic and is embellished with intricate patterns that look like crystal.

The exterior of the piano is covered with a large number of beautiful Victorian ornate and elegant patterns and reliefs. Inside, the body is constructed from a heterochromatic gear set with vintage brown six-petaled flowers – the flowers rotate slowly with the sound of the winding knob, making it a magnificent and elegant instrument. The precision mechanics are cleverly concealed inside the body, driven by a gear set that makes some of the keys rise and fall on their own, adding a touch of elegance to the entire music box.


Self-playing piano with gear drive model

The precision mechanics are hidden inside the body of the piano. The winding movement is

twisted and the gear model drives the keys to play on their own, simulating the way a piano plays.


Crystal pattern lid

The half-open lid is made of transparent acrylic and embellished with intricate patterns on the

surface, just like crystal, gorgeous and exquisite.




3D Wooden Puzzle - Magic Piano Mechanical Music Box

3DWP Magic Piano Mechanical Music Box