3DWP Vintage Car

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Assemble this 3D wooden puzzle to create a dashing retro car that’s the perfect ornament for vintage vehicle lovers. Vintage cars in the Brass Era are milestones in automotive history. They are masterpieces of craftsmanship and technology, representing the unique charm of that era. Vintage Car 3D wooden puzzle is a 1:15 scale replica that will take you back to the 1910s, a revolutionary time for the automobile industry. With a “runabout” body style that’s reminiscent of horse-drawn buggies, it boasts a streamlined fender with lines that run continuously from front to rear and fender aprons that partially conceal the wheels.

In addition, this Vintage Car model wasn’t just about aesthetics. Some special features make it look like more user-friendly and safe. The one-man canopy top that covers the front and back seats was designed. The exquisite interior design with a gearshift lever and a comfy sofa-style seat added to its charm. Now, assemble this dashing retro car 3D wooden puzzle, make it your perfect decoration, and experience the charm of that unique era with more vintage vehicle lovers.



3D Wooden Puzzle - Vintage Car

3DWP Vintage Car