DIY 3D Model – Holiday Garden House

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Drawing inspiration from an idyllic day awakened by the gentle sunlight and the presence of blossoming flowers, the Garden House encapsulates the essence of that tranquil experience. Just like the brewing of a fresh pot of coffee, the Holiday Garden House invites you to indulge in the simple pleasures of life. Opening the doors and windows welcomes the embrace of nature, allowing the fragrance of flowers and the warmth of sunlight to occupy the space. The careful decoration and attention to detail recreate the romantic atmosphere that envelops the room in your cherished memory.

Radiating a relaxing and cozy ambiance, the Holiday Garden House embraces a rustic style with French pastoral colors. The romantic arched door and dim ribbed glass evoke a sense of nostalgia, while the retro staircase, with its bending design, adds a touch of elegance to this beautiful space. Bring the Holiday Garden House into your world and witness the blossoming of romance and tranquility!


DIY 3D Model - Holiday Garden House

DIY 3D Model - Holiday Garden House