220 pieces Magic Tracks

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More than just an amazing racetrack, Magic Tracks is the toy that inspires that budding engineer in the family to think outside of the box!
Unlike other racetracks, Magic Tracks isn’t confined to a handful of track layouts, its incredible Serpentine technology allows them to be shaped into almost any kind of track imaginable. Just snap the pieces together and watch as the track can be curved, arced, and even rolled into designs that are simply out of this world.

Turn off the lights in the room and the fun only gets better! Not only will your custom racetrack fully glow in the dark, but your speedy race car is equipped with special extra bright LED lights that charge the track as it races around, meaning it won’t stop glowing until you’re finished playing.

Grab the toy that unleashes the imagination and puts smiles on faces young and old.

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220 pieces Magic Tracks