300 Piece Poker Set

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This classic 300 Piece Poker Set is great for both beginners and advanced gamers! These high-quality pieces work for everyone who enjoys a good game of poker.
This 300 Piece Poker Set includes 50 x 5 pieces, 10 x 100 pieces, 50 x 25 pieces, 50 x 50 pieces, and 50 x 100 pieces, 2 sets of cards, 5 dice, and 1 dealer button, each piece is 11.5 g clay chip. Each set comes packaged in a classic aluminium case.

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300 Piece Poker Set is Ideal for tournaments, card clubs, or late-night poker games with buddies, the poker chip set includes everything you need to keep the games flowing. The set comes with 11.5-gram striped dice chips with no denomination along with a lockable silver aluminum case that holds everything in a single convenient location. Also stored in the case are a pair of card decks and a dealer button. The set makes a handy accessory whether you’re hosting a game at your place or heading to a friend’s house for some poker action. 300 Piece Poker Set for All Ages Great for adults, poker is a classic game that people of all ages truly enjoy. Bringing along a complete card set is sure to liven up any game or card night, or backyard get-together and provides entertainment for your family and friends for memories that will last a lifetime. Perfect for more than just poker, this set can also be used for Texas Holdem, Black Jack, and more.


300 Piece Poker Set