Classic Rummy with 106 Tiles

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Our classic Rummy tiles game for two to six players, combines elements of the Rummy . Players start with 14 or 16 tiles, and take turns putting down tiles from their racks into sets (groups or runs) of at least three. When you can’t play, then player draws a tile. Fun feature of the game is that players can work with the tiles that have already been played. Be the first player to use all your tiles and score a positive score based on the total of the other players’ hands. (The other players get negative scores.) easy-to-read tiles, with large, bold-printed numbers and Stadium style racks, add to your enjoyment of this classic game. Contents include 4 plastic Stadium tile racks, 106 high quality easy-to-read Rummy tiles and illustrated instructions. Ages 8+.

More detailed game instructions can be found here:


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Classic Rummy with 106 Tiles

Classic Rummy with 106 Tiles